The Future of Midsize Cities

The Future of Midsize Cities

AIA Regional Conference

In 2014, I was approached to design posters/invites for the AIA Regional Conference to be hosted by AIASWW. The theme or topic for this conference would be the Future of Midsize Cities. Invited speakers and area tours would explore the opportunities and challenges of the development of midsize cities, with Tacoma, WA (the host city) being a specific example.

For the design of the poster, I drew inspiration from the Modern Mechanix/Popular Science magazines from the early 1960’s. These covers were straight out of science fiction, with scenes depicting everything from rocket powered-cars to dry-cleaning robots. Most importantly these covers represented the romantic aspirations these people had of a distant tomorrow.

In order to capture the same innocence found on these magazine covers, I imagineered a scene that someone from this same era might dream the city of Tacoma would look in 2014. Complete with a rocket monorail train, hot air balloons, and wind turbines littering the distant landscape.

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