Norman Doors

Fair Warning: read no further and do NOT watch the following video as it will likely inhibit your ability to blindly ignore something incredibly annoying found in your day-to-day life.

You’re soldiering on – good on you!

This is a fantastic video discussing a very common problem found in our everyday lives as a result of unthoughtful design – Norman Doors. What is exactly is a Norman door? Its any door in which its design tells you to do exactly the opposite of what you are suppose to do. Have you ever encountered a door in which no matter how many times you’ve used it, you are constantly pushing on it when you should be pulling or vice-versa? Or perhaps you’ve run across a door that has a piece of paper taped to its face that is trying to tell you whether to push or pull? If so, say hello to your very first Norman door! I assure you it won’t be your last. And I apologize because if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to unsee them now!

Affectionately named after Don Norman, author of the book The Design of Everyday Things, in which he discusses basic principles of good design. Donnie (who is definitely not out of his element rocking that dapper hat) breaks down in the video exactly how these doors ignore these principles and why we are left looking like idiots.

Bonus – the video also features the sultry tones of Roman Mars, host of the 99% Invisible podcast, which I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys history and/or design.